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Summit Carstensz is a local travel tour operator company, run by Indonesiaxplorer and Songa Adventure in Timika West Papua – Indonesia. We’ve been supporting several national and international tour operators to organise expeditions to the Carstensz Pyramid ( Puncak Jaya ) 4884m since late 1990s. We’re happy to organise either your private or shared expeditions to the Carstensz Pyramid, too.

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About Carstensz

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Puncak Jaya was named “Carstensz Pyramid” after a Dutch explorer Jan Carstenszoon was the first European who saw the glaciers on the peak of the mountain in 1623. The peak was known as Nemangkawi in Amungkal, a local language, or Puncak Jaya in Bahasa Indonesia. Carstenszoon’s finding was unverified for over two centuries. He was ridiculed in Europe when he said he had seen snow near the equator. Another Dutch explorer, Hendrik Albert Lorentz, eventually reached the snowfield of Puncak Jaya in 1909. Few decades later, over hundred expeditions have been organised to reach this one of 7 summits in the world that well known as Carstensz Pyramid.

Carstensz Pyramid altitude is 4,884m / 16,000 feet. But the altitude is not what makes Puncak Jaya difficult in all honesty. That comes down to both how remote the location is, the cost and most importantly, how technical the climb is. Base camp is located at 4250m, so the Summit Attempt doesn’t cover that much altitude gain, although at nearly 5000m, oxygen isn’t in abundance and things are a little slower

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Access Base Camp

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We strongly recommended to acclimatise yourself in Carstensz basecamp before Climbing  Carstensz Pyramid – Puncak Jaya .  There are two conventional ways to access carstensz pyramid base camp with local tour company.


Transfer from Timika to the Base Camp by helicopter will enshorten your traveling time. It’s very recommended if you have a limited time of vacation.


Trekking through Sugapa Village and the interior of Papua. It takes a bit longer time than flying by a helicopter and offers you more adventurous journey.


As the name implied, this expedition combines Jungle Trekking to reach the Carstensz Basecamp and Helicopter pick up service to enshorten your way back to Timika.

About Us

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Summit Carstensz is founded and run by a team of dedicated and experienced members with sound academic background. We have been successfully organising trekking and expeditions for individuals, small groups as well as larger parties of business incentive in Indonesia. To accomplish your Seven Summit expedition, we’re also partnering with local companies in European, Himalayas area, Elbrus Region and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. We cover a wide range of interests in the field of travel, adventure, research and expedition.

At Summit Carstensz, we give utmost attention to environmental conservation. We integrate eco-friendly trekking and conduct continuous awareness programmes to our crew in order to preserve local environment and to maintain the natural beauty along the trails. In addition, we integrate your expedition to our flagship programme: Books for Papua. We’d love to support literacy programmes for children in Papua.

We heartily welcome you all to join us for a memorable and wonderful adventure.