Meet the Team

The people behind Summit Carstensz were members of mountaineering club when they’re in university. Supported by dedicated carstensz pyramid guides team with more than 10 years of experience, your expedition with us will be running smoothly.

Reagen Sumampow
Loves climbing since he was in junior high school. Spirit of adventure within Egen led him to Nepal. Since then, he's been organise many expeditions to Himalaya Region & Carstensz Pyramid with more than 8 years experience.
Sherif Palit
Climbing Guide
Sherif lives in Sugapa village. He gets along very well with local porters for jungle trekking to Carstensz Pyramid. His nickname is "Sherpa".
Yacsen Roboth
He's our reliable organiser in the Carstensz Pyramid basecamp. He is a former climbing athlete before he finally decided to become a mountain guide. FYI, he loves reptiles and parkour.
Acel Sumolang
Acel has been leading many expeditions to the Carstensz Pyramid from 2010, mostly with domestic climbers. He is humble person and has a good sense of humor.